Metam Sodium

Metam sodium is a soil fumigant and a technical, economical and safe alternative to methyl bromide. It acts quickly prior to crop seeding by decomposing in the soil to a gas (MITC = methyl isothiocyanate) which has nematocidal, fungicidal, herbicidal and insecticidal activity. MITC is a gas which moves upwards through the soil, though good efficacy is obtained when the product is positioned in the depth of the soil, evenly distributed and allowed to remain there for a sufficiently long time. Metham sodium does not damage or leave residues in the planted crops and its use can reduce the need for other plant protection products such as herbicides, soil fungicides and nitrogen.

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A broad spectrum of action against nematodes, fungi and weeds. Metam sodium is effective against nematodes such as cyst potato nematodes. It is equally beneficial for protecting vegetables and ornamental plants from soil fungi such as Rhizoctonia and Verticillium, and for controlling weeds resistant to herbicides. In addition to its protective role metam sodium also helps to improve crop quality and yield by enhancing plant vigour.

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