Conventional Spraying for conventional contracting with the latest  24-metre Berthoud Raptor self-propelled sprayer operating over a wide range of crops.

Specialised Services

AS822 Liquid Sulphur and Nitrogen applications. This is proving to be a valuable input for potato growers and is achieving improved skin finish. It is applied prior to planting at rates depending on potato variety and the end market. The product is also being used for oil seed rape, vegetable brassica, sugar beet and wheat.

Metam510 Soil Sterilants: Two machines are operated in conjunction with JCB Fastracks and since Telone was withdrawn, Metam is the most effective PCN control. Even treating at low counts of PCN, application costs can be recovered, particularly if potatoes are being grown for a pre-pack market. Applications are mainly carried out in the autumn for many of the major potato producers in most areas in the UK.