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Boston Crop Sprayers is fully committed to full compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.  For further details please see our detailed policies at the links below.

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Chemical Application Policy
Boston Crop Sprayers will do all that is practically possible to protect our working environment, the general public and ourselves from the hazards of working with agrochemicals and agricultural machinery.

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Our business and legislation have changed considerably over recent years and we have updated the following manuals accordingly (copies are available upon request):

Boston Crop Sprayers Risk Assessment Manual
This covers the workshop and general equipment. There is one at Boston and one at Wisbech. A further folder on risk assessments of application equipment has been compiled in an open discussion with the operators of the  equipment.

Emergency Contingency Plan
This covers the Boston depot and application equipment while on the road and in the field. Copies have been sent to Environment Agency, Fire Authority, Police and BASIS, Boston Borough Council.

Boston Crop Sprayers Chemical Application Policy
This outlines our procedures regarding safety, the environment and our general working practices. This will be updated regularly with certificates and training courses attended and contains information that growers require in their crop assurances.

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